BaBa Chu Wildlife and Nature Trek – Dolpo

An unusual and exciting expedition exploring and documenting the terrain and signs of wildlife in this remote Himalayan river valley. The BaBa Chu is the high mountain torrent that later becomes the mighty Bheri river which forms a natural barrier between Dolpo (and Shey Phoksundo National Park) to the North and Dhorpatan Reserve to the South. Dolpo is in the rain shadow of the Himalayas and is a huge, arid mountain landscape with very few trees, and one of the last bastions of free Tibetan culture. Dhorpatan is a mix of high icey wastes (including the Dhaulagiri ranges to the East) with steep canyons and huge forest cover in the southern ranges. This trip ascends slowly through the changing landscapes of the low lying farming communities along the river to the higher herding pastures to the remote and empty wilderness of upper Dolpo. We trek slowly to maximise the time to explore and take in the vast surroundings. We end up going over 4 x 5000 m passes as we trek to lake Phoksundo with the hope we find signs of the elusive snow leopard. This trip will be accompanied by a wild life guide.


Day 1.
Drive to Beni via Pokhara by  bus/jeep (8/9 hours) – stay in lodge.

Day 2.
Drive by bus/jeep to Takam (7/8 hours)

Day 3.
Trek to Juiphal /  Dunai (2095m) – district headquaters.

Day 4.
Dunai – Lawan village (2326m) – Bheri River side.

Day 5.
Lawan – Bheri River Camp (2580m).

Day 6.
Bheri River Camp – Musi Khola (2837m).

Day 7.
Musi Khola – Kakkot village (3277m).

Day 8.
Kakkot – Langhar Khola (3355m).

Day 9.
Langhar Khola – Garen Kharka (3963m).

Day 10.
Garen Khola – Mukot Kharka (3600m) crossing the BaBa Chu at Teran.

Day 11.
Rest Day

Day 12.
Mukot Khola – Forest Camp (3900m).

Day 13.
Forest Camp – Mukot Monastery (4150m).

Day 14.

Day 15.
Mukot Monastery – Neri Goth (4400m).

Day 16.
Neni Goth – Mukot.

Day 17.
Mukot – Mukot Kharka.

Day 18.
Mukot Kharka – Teran village – BaBa Chu Forest Camp (4000m).

Day 19.
BaBa Chu Forest Camp – Lonkum Kharka (3858m).

Day 20.
Lonkum Kharka – Thinmar (3958m).

Day 21.
Thinmar – Sinjik Kharka (4062m).

Day 22.
Sinkik Kharka – Charju Khola (4050m).

Day 23.
Charju Khola – Chharan Kharka (4200m).

Day 24.

Day 25.
Chharan Kharka – Mola La Base Camp ((4500m).

Day 26.
Mola La Base Camp – Mola La (5027m) – Lajar Sumna (4800m).

Day 27.
Laja Sumna – Pandi Ladum Khola / Jhyhakoi La Base Camp (5000m).

Day 28.
Jhyhakoi La Base Camp – Jhyhakoi La (5453m) – Tahari Khola (4900m).

Day 29.
Tahari Khola – Dho village (4907m).

Day 30.

Day 31.
Dho – Sherin Monastery (4400m).

Day 32.
Sherin Monastery – Numa La South Base Camp (4600m).

Day 33.
Numa La South Base Camp – Numa La (5143m) – Chara Khola (4200m).

Day 34.
Chara Khola – Baga La ((5172m) – Baga La – Baga La Phedi (4251m).

Day 35.
Baga La Phedi – Maduwa (3400m).

Day 36.
Maduwa – Ringmo / Phoksundo Lake (3724m).

Day 37.
Ringmo – Sandwa (3200m).

Day 38.
Sandwa – Bhukpa Khola (3200m).

Day 39.
Bhukpa Khola – Chhepka (3000m).

Day 40.
Chhepka – Suligad (2100m).

Day 41.
Suligad – Juiphal (2603m).

Day 42.
Trek to Takham

Day 43.
Takham to Beni by jeep (7/8 hours)

Day 44.
Beni to KTM via Pokhara (8/9 hours).


A Full Camping Trek – lodges if available.

€5700 per person. Minimum 2 pax.

€5000: 03-06 people:

Cost Includes

KTM – KTM – Specialist  Guide, Cook, Porters, Camping and Cooking Equipment, Fuel, 3 Meals a day, Lower Dolpo Trekiking Permit, Medical Kit, Hotel and Airport pick up and drop, Jeep and Bus.

+ Three nights in Kahmandu hotel with breakfast.

Cost does not include:
International Flights, Personal Insurance, Sleeping Bag and Trekking Clothes.