Magic and Mystery in Nepal

Magic and Mystery in Nepal

The following links are stories of magic and mystery from Nepal – all compiled by Hit Kham Thapa – a respected Nepali journalist and author whose book Kham Tribes of Rolpa is published (December 2005) and available from Pigrims Bookshop, Kathmandu, Nepal.

1. Gods save Mourners from Bomb – Funeral Pyre Bomb stopped by Ancient Gods.

2. Monsoon 2005 angry with Nepalese – Rain God shows displeasure!

3. Mallory and Everest – A Tibetan tale of what really happened to Mallory.

4. Seelopka – The story of a living Tamang Oracle.

5. Bon Shamanism of Rolpa – Death rituals of the Kham people of Rolpa.

6. Yeti Fingers – believe it or not!

7. The Golden Waterfall of King Kham – A vision for future exploration.

8. The Bizarre Death Rites of Dolpo – A King Vultures Dinner.

9. The Snake with Whiskers – As seen by the author.

10. Ban Manche – Wild Man of Nepal – A true story of early Mountaineering Mystery.

11. The Khungu Bird – Premonition Bird of the Kham people.