Disposal of Expedition Waste

Disposal of Expedition Waste

mountainRules effective from 1992 autumn:
The Ministry of Tourism has fixed the amount of the refundable deposit for the management of garbage by mountaineering teams in the Khumbu region as follows:

1. Sagarmatha € 3000 or equivalent in convertible foreign currencies.

2. Other peaks above 8000 metres €2260 or equivalent in convertible foreign currencies.

3. All peaks less than 8000 metres €1510 or equivalent in convertible foreign currencies.

The garbage is divided into three categories:

1. Disposable in the Khumbu region and incinerable or biodegradable:
(a) Toilet paper
(b) Cardboard boxes and paper waste
(c) Bamboo baskets and bags
(d) Cotton and jute bags
(e) Spoiled food
(f) Dead bodies

2. Materials which can be recycled:
(a) Tins, bottles, jars and plastic containers
(b) Plastic and foil bags and sheeting
(c) Reusable cooking gas cylinders
(d) Gas Canisters

3. Items which must be returned to home country
(a) Used oxygen bottles
(b) Used batteries
(c) Climbing equipment such as tents personal gear, etc.

Disposable goods should be brought down from the base camp and be disposed in the presence of the chairman or ward member of the neareest village development committee. Similarly materials for recycling should be brought back to Kathmandu and handed over to a prescribed agency for recycling. The reexportable goods should be despatched from Nepal to their respective countries in order to gain refund of the deposit.The liaison officer will be responsible for enforcing the above mentioned procedures. The expedition leader and the headman will assist the liaison officer.

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