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Once Upon a Time on the Black Sea

It’s a long drive from southern England to the Black Sea, or to be precise, Kherson Ukraine, before slowly driving off-road across soft sand to the far end of Kinbunska, a long spit opposite the port of Nikolaev. The journey there was ridiculous. I had a co-driver, who refused to drive: Autobahns were too fast […]

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A Difficult Place

Pyrenees Salamander Video I like difficult places. But, before you go wandering to a difficult place in your mind, let me put you in the picture a little. The top of a mountain or a steep rock face, they can be difficult, downright dangerous in fact; however, no matter how difficult that may seem – it’s […]

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High Altitude and Chocolate

High Altitude and Chocolate a true bluespace tale, with only names changed Tall Boy was huge, six feet six inches or more, with the backpack to match. Chekhov, not as tall, was a respectable 5 feet eleven inches. His backpack had a girth that matched his sizable shoulders. Two men: one fit, experienced and seasoned; […]

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