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Nepal Multi Activity Adventure Trip – 10 Days

Trip Title: Nepal Multi Activity Adventure Trip – 10 Days

Trip Length: 10 Days

Trip Grade: B       [Grading Overview]

Country: Nepal

Area: Borderlands

National Park: N/A       [Parks Overview]

Activity: multi activity

Activity Grade: 3+       [Grading Overview]

Special Focus: Ride , Rope, Raft and Trek

Months: March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December,

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A 10 day Nepal multi activity adventure package that is sure to appease the appetite of any adventure holiday come thriller seeker. TheBlueSpace has been in the business of adventure in & around Nepal since 1995. We’ve watched adventure tourism develop and actively been part of it. Together with Ultimate Descent – Nepal and The Borderland, we are leading the way in providing eco friendly responsible tourism in the region.We guarantee you’ll love this tour, so take a look at what’s on offer. Ride, Rope, Raft & Trek, the optimum adventure challenge which is a reality buster from your everyday work environment that will make you feel you’ve truely been on vacation. During May, August and December this trip can be have the added adventure of high rope Honey Hunting – if you can handle it!!


Ultimate Adventure
Ride, Rope, Raft & Trek

Bike: 2 days ( can be extended to make a 4 day bike trip )

Bike to Borderlands along the old trade route, through some of Nepals oldest cities, Bhaktapur, Nala and Dhulikhel. Ride the Arniko Highway which runs alongside the Bhote Kosi river and even visit the Tibetan frontier where Nepal meets Tibet at the Friendship bridge just 18kms beyond The Borderland.

The trail twists and turns, giving you gorgeous views of the countryside. After making your final descent from Kathmandu valley into The Borderlands river resort.

Then prepare yourself for the exciting days of rafting, trekking and canyoning to come like nowhere else in Nepal.

We provide the following:
• professional multi lingual guides
• current model bikes
• helmet & water bottle
• support vehicle & first aid
• a packed lunch
• accommodation

Canyoning: 2 days.

Then explore the new adventure activity of Canyoning as you explore water ladden canyons and waterfalls amongst previously unknown gorges and canyons with rock pools in a safe environment on fixed ropes and highly trained guides. More details below

We provide the following:
• professional international guides
• training, instruction/techniques
• climbing harness, helmet and ropes
• wet suit
• a packed lunch

First day: ½ day canyoning plus training, instruction/techniques
Second day: full day canyoning plus lunch during the descent

Trek: 3 nights / 4 days ( Can be extended to 6 days ).
(See below for full itinerary)

The Duganagadi Hidden Fort & Monastery

The Duganagadi Fort is situated at an altitude of 2084 m and was built in 1854 by the Nepali Army to attack the Bhot, a region behind the Himalaya, which is Tibet. The dispute occurred between Nepal and Tibet due to the mistreatment to the Nepali merchants by the Tibetan authorities. During this time many border skirmishes occurred. Finally a truce was signed on March 1856. The Nepal Trade commission was set up in Lhasa to protect the interests of the Nepali merchants. The Dugunagadi Fortress is a maze of crumbling walls strategically situated on a plateau. The views are stunning; during the day one gazes at Tibetan snow-capped peaks and by night, the lights of Khasa, the first Tibetan town north of the Friendship Bridge, glisten throughout the dark evening sky.

Raft: 2 days.

The Bhote Koshi is one of Nepal’s premier adrenaline rivers with more vertical drop and white water than any other in the Kingdom. A 2-day rafting program on the Bhote Kosi with Nepal’s No1. rafting company for safety & reputation is like nothing else on offer in Nepal.

We provide the following:
• professional international guides
• great equipment
• safety kayakers
• all rafting equipment
• meals & accommodation

Trekking Itinerary

Day 1:
After brunch at the Borderland, you take a 25 minute bus ride up to the bridge at Larcha, just below the Village of Ermashing. This is the beginning point for the trek. The trail winds through a number of small, interesting Sherpa and Tamang villages. This historic trail was once the trade route between Nepal and Tibet. As you approach the pass, you can catch a glimpse of an old fortress, Dunganagadi. This is where our campsite will be.

Day 02: Bagam – 2400 m. (5 to 6 hours)

After an early breakfast, the staff breaks down the campsite and the porters load up the gear and the packs. From the fortress, you follow the trail down for approximately 30 minutes to the Hindi Khola River. As you descend towards the river, keep your eyes open for Om Mani Padme Hum, rock carvings. At the river crossing you will pass a mill that grinds popcorn and also millet into flour. From the river you gradually travel up to the village of Tasitham. After the village you leave the main trail and climb up to the village of Bagam. In Bagam, you can visit the local Gumba – monastery.

Day 03: Gumba (5 to 6 hours)

The trail leads you through dense, mixed forests to the village of Listikot (2936 m). The fort offers a commanding view of the valley and was built for its strategic location. It was one of the many fortresses built in 1854. From the fort, the trail descends to the village of Gumba, which named itself after its own gumba – monastery. There is a beautiful view here and wide, open fields ideal for camping.

Day 04: The Borderland (5 to 6 hours)

From the monastery there is a 45-minute walk to an old Hindu temple. The temple has an outstanding view of the Bhote Kosi River and the Borderland. This is the start of your final descent towards a home cooked meal and a complementary drink from the Borderlands Arnika Bar.


€ 866 per person – minimum 2 people.

Gear list
What to bring for our multi day adventures:
• A 3 season sleeping bag and sleeping pad. These items can be rented in Kathmandu or Pokhara
• (approximately $1a day)
• Towel
• Lightweight weight Pants
• Cotton underwear
• Light weight long sleeved shirt or T-shirt. It is good protection from the sun
• Wool sweaters or fleece jacket
• Toiletries: Keep it to minimum, cosmetics wont work, as you will
sweat a lot so forget it. Bring moisturizing lotion
• Flashlight or head lamp
• Spare glasses or contact lenses if you wear them
• Water bottle
• A sarong for women- this is for visiting villages and it can be bought in Kathmandu
• A base ball hat
• Day pack for treks
• Walking shoes (you can use lightweight shoes on almost all activities we run), sun glasses and sunscreen.
• A base ball cap and warm hat depending on the season.
• Toilet paper and lighter: These are provided on all trips but while you are trekking they may not be there when you need them. Always burn the toilet paper after use, but make sure to put the fire out properly, it could be a fire hazard during the dry season.
• If you have any hobbies, we suggest you bring your hobby-related items, i.e., paints, pencils, badmitton rackets (we have a volleyball net), fishing rods, etc.

We provide the following:

professional multi lingual guides
all technical equipment
support vehicle & first aid
all meals


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