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About Us - TheBlueSpace Guides Co-operative

We are a group of dedicated, like minded professionals, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We love the wild outdoors and want to save the planet.

We are qualified and experienced and follow the principals of participatory economics - Parecon

The Blue Space Adventure Trekking (P.) Ltd is incorporated in Nepal and are members of TAAN - number 451
The blue space co-operative are highlighted below:

imageName: Jaggat Lama

Countries: Nepal Expert

Head Guide, Himalayan Wildlife and Remote Expedition Expert

Full time Co-operative Member

Name: Ben Gilbert

Countries: Nepal Expert, Worldwide Outdoor and Guiding Experience.

Founder of TheBlueSpace. Expedition Leader, Climber, Canyoning / Bushwalking Guide and Instructor.ben

Ben is a high alpine explorer; has mapped canyons in Hokkaido and the remote regions of Lapchi Kang and the Sanjin valley while undertaking snow leopard surveys.

Ben runs TheBlueSpace Conservation Projects

Full Time Co-operative Member

Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society
Member of the Snow Leopard Network
Advisor to The Child Space Foundation Nepal

tashi lamaName: Tasi Lama

Countries: Nepal Expert, India, Tibet, Darjeeling, Sikkim

Director of Operations for TheBlueSpace in Nepal.

From a Tibetan family living in Nepal. After spending most of his childhood and early teenage years in and around Buddhist monasteries, Tasi opted to be directly involved in helping others. Worked in travel and tourism since 1998 and is particularly concerned with reforming tourism. He began his career as an Office Manager of Ramdung “Go” Treks and Expedition Ltd followed by tour operator and various other positions. Currently he is an instructor at the Himalayan Tourism School and runs Blue Space Nepal (P) Ltd.

Involved in Nepal Social Change Projects – particularly in the lobby to stop the illicit trafficking of Tamang girls for the sex trade in India; and an education and job skills programme for youth affected and lacking education due to the civil war.

President of The Helping Society of Nepal (NGO) and The Child Space Foundation Nepal.

Nepal Guide License No: 1482

Full time Co-operative Member

Child Space Foundation Nepal

tessa mcgregorName: Tessa McGregor

Countries: Altai Republic, Bangladesh, Botswana, Hebrides, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Oman, Siberia, Syria

TheBlueSpace Wildlife Conservation Consultant

Tessa is a Franco / British professional wildlife biologist. Her life-long passion for wildlife and wild places has motivated her personal and professional life.

She has worked in remote places, including the Sundarban forests of Bangladesh and India, the South African bush, the Altai mountains and the Middle East. Field work and science are mixed with media, in cluding broadcasting for the BBC, TV and journalism.

Tessa is a recognised expert on big cat conservation having spent years in the field, undertaking research consultancy and advocacy. She has a passionate commitment to resolving human-wildlife conflict issues.

Ongoing projects include Snow Leopard conservation in the Altai Republic, the Arabian Leopard in Oman, Amur Leopard in Eastern Siberia and mountain/tundra wildlife in Asia. Involved in all Nepal Wildlife and Snow Leopard projects for TheBlueSpace Co-operative.

Trustee/Board Member of The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society
Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society
Winston Churchill Fellow and Explorer
Member Snow Leopard Network

Full Time Co-operative Member

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
The Royal Geographical Society
The Zoological Society
The Winston Churchil Memorial Trust
The Snow Leopard Network

Pat O'KeefeName: Pat O’Keefe

Countries: Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar Burma, Hokkaido Japan, India, Laos, Thailand, Tibet, Zambia

Experienced Kayaker, Rafting Guide, Trekker, Mountain Climber. Manages Outdoor Projects in Nepal, Myanmar (Burma), Hokkaido, Siam Rivers Thailand, part owner of The Last Resort Nepal.

Runs Rafting, Trekking and Canyoning trips in Bhutan, Nepal, Hokkaido, India, Myanmar Burma and Thailand.

Patrick runs all Hokkaido activities from his amazing rural base in The Hidaka Range Wilderness.

The Last Resort
Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures

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The Bluespace Founder
Ben Gilbert

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