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Nepal Canyoning and Bungy

The Blue Space run Canyoning from Bungy Jumping, Bridge Swinging and Canyoning from The Last Resort –  on the Bhote Khosi river near the Tibet border AND canyoning high up on the Sun Khosi River from the Timal Ridge.

Bungy can be run all year and Canyoning during February, March, April, September, October, November and December.

Superb Experienced guides with an intimate knowledge of these canyons, wetsuits, helmets, harnesses, ropes and all other technical gear required, delicious food and a great time.

Trekking boots, bathing suit or shorts and t-shirt, spare dry clothes and a towel, sleeping bag if you are staying over at the resort. A good mental attitude. Water bottle.

Bottle and a change of pants!!


The Kahule Khola: Trip Time Between 4 to 5 hours Grade 4/4+ – Big Volume !

Offers completely different experience to most other canyons. The Kahule Canyon has a higher flow of water and involves some really challenging rappels, high pool jumps, water slides and rock hopping all the way down to the bottom. It is a world class canyon in a truly majestic untouched part of the Himalayas. This canyon is offered as apart of the two-day experience and swimming skills are definitely required for the Kahaule Khola.

Old Jambu: Trip time between 3 to 4 hours Grade 4/4+ – Mid Volume

The first commercial canyon in Nepal! Awesome in high water with a few small jumps and a 45 meter abseil in a spectacular waterfall. A good canyon for beginers who want to push the boat out and get into proper canyoning. The start of this trip is a cable cage across the Bhote Khosi where arm power pulls you across – not to be missed!

New Jambu: Trip time between 2 to 4 hours Grade 4/4+ – Low Volume

A great beginers canyon with a few jumps, slides and a 25m abseil on to a small ledge before descending a slot and down another waterfall into a pool. Best done in high water.

The Kanglang Khola:Trip Time Between 4 to 5 hoursGrade 4/4+– Mid Volume

Has a combination of technical rope skills, river slides and jumps. Access across a twine over the Bhote Kosi river provides a pretty interesting start to the day and the fun factor keeps getting turned up from there.

Bhukuthe Khola:Trip Time Between 4 to 6 hours Grade 4/4+ – Mid Volume

Nepal’s newest canyon, is the limit of technical commercial canyoning. This spectacular low volume canyon has many abseils including a phenomenal 60 meter drop where you have to lower yourself. A very scenic 40 minute walk through field and forest and a 10 minute walk back to the Last Resort means we have one of the worlds most beautiful canyons right at our doorstep. This is a canyon not to be missed !

The Panglang Khola:Trip Time Between 3 to 4 hours Grade 3 – Low Volume

A pristine canyon offering a challenging introduction to what canyoning is all about. This canyon prepares people for the Kahaule Khola and other canyons with a lot of abseiling. Sleep well tonight as the next day with knock your sox off!

Itinerary for all Canyons:-

Day 1:
Depart at 6:00 am from Kathmandu.
Half day canyoning plus training, instruction and techniques

Day 2:
Full day canyoning with lunch during the descent.
Arrive Kathmandu in the evening

A private one or two day trip as above can be arranged (min. 4 pax.) on request.

We provide:
accommodation and meals, two-way transportation (on scheduled departure dates only), training, instruction and rope-tying techniques, wet suit, climbing harness and helmet, experienced instructors
outstanding atmosphere.

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