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Langtang Nepal

Langtang National Park offers the trekker and tourist an easy and relaxing time – an ideal short or first time trek. It is home to a large diversity of ethnic groups, but the most abundant are the Rasuwa Tamangs, an indigenous people of Buddhist/Shamanist mix, friendly and welcoming, they are unique to Nepal. The area is dominated by the Langtang Range, with the peaks of Langtang, Langtang Ri, Langtang Lirung, Dorjee Lackpa and the hidden peaks of the Ganesh Range in the Sanjin Valley (a small, steep valley offering an immersion into real Tamang culture and folklore and hidden peaks), as well as the gentle hills of Helambu and the holy lakes of Gossaikunda. There are trips to Jugal Himal and Panch Pokari, little travelled and quite beautiful. In fact this place tends to get ignored as it lacks mighty 8000m peaks, but dont be decieved, this place is a little gem if you look behind the tourist trails! See our Mountaineering section.

Some of the treks below can be done all year depending on seasonal weather conditions.

-1. Langtang – Tamang Heritage Trek – 7 days.

-1. Langtang – Helambu – 7 days.

-2. Langtang – Valley Trek – 8 days.

-3. Langtang – Gosaikunda and Helambu – 9 days.

-4. Full Moon festival of the 108 Holy Lakes of Gosaikunda – 9 days.

-5. Langtang Valley and Gosaikunda 10 days.

-6. Langtang – Ganja La  – 12 days.

-7. Langtang – Panch Pokari and Jugal Himal – 14 days.

-8. Langtang – Mailung Khola and Paldor Peak – 14 days.

-9. Langtang – Dorjee Lakpa / Tilmans Pass – 17 days.

10. Langtang – Sanjin – Nature and Wildlife Trek – 25 days. Due to road development this trek is no longer offered.

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