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Annapurna Conservation Area

annapurna-conservation-area The Annapurna Conservation Area

The most popular trekking destination in Nepal covers 2600 square kilometres offering classic mountain views and providing a wide range of geographically diverse scenery from sub tropical plains through to the trans-Himalayan in the Manang and Mustang region. This area incorporates the Annapurna Sanctury and the Kali Gandaki gorges. Peaks include the Annapurna Masif, Dhaulgiri, Fishtail and Hiunchuli and is predominantly inhabited by Gurung, Magar and Thakali people.

The area has been a smash hit in the world of conservation. Perhaps this is the area that pioneered a successful conservation without armed personnel. With the help of the local people, this highland could be well protected. With a trekking circuit from mid hills to the foothills of the Himalayas – Annapurna region covers an area of 7629 sq. km. Beginning from 790 m, the highest altitude reaches 8091 m of the Mountain Annapurna 1. This is the most visited trekking area in the mountain region. More than 60000 visitors every year. Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) has been running it's programs in the area with an aim to conserve nature and it's local community. (For more information visit our ACAP page) Vegetation and Wild Animals:

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annapurna conservation area

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